Class Reading

Class reading provides numerous benefits to
students. It sets the foundation for acquiring comprehension skills, fluency
and pronunciation skills. Class reading further allows you to learn new words
and phrases hence improve language proficiency. Through class reading, you
learn new vocabulary and understand how they are used in the given context. It
becomes easier for you to understand meanings of new words and create original
sentences using them. Thus, class reading should be an exciting activity.
However, class reading can be challenging if the right techniques are not
employed. Let us discuss 5 techniques on
how to make sure you get the most out of your class reading:

  1. Preview the topic intended for class reading

To get maximum satisfaction from the beginning to
the end of your class reading, you need to have some background information
about the topic for reading. Preview the topic beforehand. Conduct a preview of
the key ideas in a topic prior to the actual class reading. The more
information you have about the topic, the easier it becomes to comprehend it
during class reading. It also helps to create pre-reading questions which enable you to comprehend what you read.

  1. Visualize what you are reading

As you read, visualize the events or actions in the
passage in a realistic way. Visualizing a passage can prove to be fun and aid
in recalling what you read at the end of class reading session.

  1. Summarize the passage read

Summarizing a passage acts as a post-class reading
activity. Once you have read a certain passage, it’s good to summarize it
afterwards. Summarizing provides an opportunity to test your comprehension of
the key ideas expressed in a passage. It further reinforces the main ideas in
the passage you have read.

  1. Ask questions

A useful technique to employ during class reading is
asking questions. Gauge your comprehension of class reading activities by
asking questions. You can ask your classmates questions concerning what you
have read. Most learning materials with class reading activities offer
post-reading questions. Use the questions provided to create more questions
which you can discuss with your classmates. Ask your tutor or facilitator
questions as well. Engaging your tutor helps you to accrue more information
with respect to what you read. In general, asking questions helps you retrieve
the information that you have already read. Questions thus aid in robust
learning and information retention.

  1. Relate new information to information you already know

Another relevant strategy to boost your class
reading is to relate the ideas in the text to what you already know.
Establishing a connection between new idea and existing ideas which you have
knowledge of promotes improved learning.

To conclude, effective class reading is a fundamental
skill for your learning success. Class reading serves as a way of informing and
educating you more regarding the topic you are reading. If you want to perfect
the art of class reading, put into practice the tips explained in this article.
The tips will not only refine your reading skills but also make class reading
an interesting affair.

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