Forming Good Study Habits

Once students attend high school, their first reaction is one of freedom, as they are not as severely restricted as in elementary or middle school. However, after their initial reaction, they are burdened by the dramatic increase in homework, projects, and other academic criteria. Students who are confronted with such a heavy load in turn decide to hesitate and decide later, because they feel stressed at the moment.

There are also other students who decide that when they learn a new subject at school they stay with them after learning the material. With these trains of thought, the students are usually faster and their grades are much lower. To break these bad learning habits, students must have a program that teaches them how to stay organized and how to stay on course efficiently. These are ten methods that work well for students.

There are a few things that are not necessary, but are practical. One such thing is a day planner. Another is a folder to organize you. There are many other supplies that can help you, but in my opinion these are the two most important ones.

Step 1) One good thing that you have with you most of the time is a day planner. This will remind students of things they often forget. Having a day planner with you every day also puts you into a routine where you do not have to check the planner for things you might have forgotten but let your body do for you because of the numerous repetitions.

Step 2) Another thing that is practical is a summarized version of a book for a class that you take. This will give you the opportunity to read the material before you attend the course so that you have a general idea of ​​what this course will give you.

Step 3) With good learning habits, the first step is always important. You have to tell yourself that you are no longer lazy and that it is time to organize yourself.

Step 4) In the next step you start to change. Start a daily planner, in which you keep the overview. Take the time off on a day off to plan your week; Plan what you need for which day. This will give you much more time to do what you want.

Step 5) When you go to school, especially for high school students, make sure that you have everything you need for the school day before you leave. Many children leave things like homework, projects or important materials for the day, which is an irresponsible way of losing points or getting on the bad side of the teacher.

Step 6) Another good way to organize yourself is to keep a separate folder for each class. It might be a bit bulky to carry around, but it’s better than losing your homework. It’s also easy to navigate because you know where everything is, unlike other students who need to hurry to get things done.

Step 7) Sleep early is also a good learning habit. Studies show that high school students need nine to ten hours of sleep per day to work like normal students. Sleep early helps you to start the day full of energy and to concentrate better at school.

Step 8) Although it is not a study habit, having healthy food also means you can concentrate more. Having breakfast with eggs, wheat toast and a cup of milk will help you get energy up early in the morning instead of eating sugary breakfast granola bars that will crash you in two to three hours.

Step 9) A very important learning habit is to learn how to take good notes. Some teachers or professors move relatively quickly through the long material, so it is important that you make well-rounded notes. Most people will not have time to go back and read directly from the text. Therefore, using well-rounded notes shortens the time needed to search for and study information.

Step 10) Another method can help you to form study groups. Now most students get a wrong understanding of study groups. Study groups are not meant to hang out with your friends and talk or chatter about things. A study group is a group of equally intellectual students who come together to learn and ask each other for help. A good study group can also help you in your school work.

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