Taking Good Lecture Notes

Don’t jot down every word

This is a relatively easy mistake that almost all of us have made sooner or later when taking lecture records.

Not merely is wanting to get everything down in some recoverable format just about impossible, but it additionally means you will not be hearing what’s being said or providing yourself the period to allow it sink in.

The main element is striking an equilibrium – pay attention, and write down particular phrases you think are essential. After that you can back again these up with the lecture slides, that ought to be produced available after the class has ended.

Start using a dictaphone

lecture note idea record

If you are a slow article writer or struggle a little bit with taking records, by using a dictaphone to record lectures is an excellent back-up in the event you’re concerned about missing anything.

You may re-live the fun and pay attention to your lecturer’s dulcet shades down the road, making more records within your own time rather than seeking to multitask during category.

Avoid a recorder as an alternative for attending to or taking some records, though – a little bit of note-taking can help you process useful information. Pressing record and settling right down to capture a few Zs isn’t how it operates!

Pay attention

lecture notes word of advice pay attention

Hi! Still around? Even if you have managed the great eight time of sleep, you can lose focus in a monotonous lecture.

Beware that zoning out in school means additional time was catching through to what you overlooked down the road, or becoming frustrated because you do not understand something. By keeping centered in lectures, you’ll feel better realizing that you don’t need to catch up down the road.

Point out, underline and capitalise

lecture records tips focus on the underline

By underlining and using CAPITALS, it’s much easier to make out tips in your lecture records.

If the lecturer is stressing something important, attracting focus on specific words or phrases in any manner you observe fit can help you bear in mind how important it is – but do not get too sidetracked with your imaginative creations.

Use abbreviations

lecture records tips use abbreviations

They are your records – they aren’t heading to be proclaimed and the sole person who must have the ability to read them is you. So, take the time to work through whatever shorthand code you’re more comfortable with and move with it.

Remove distractions

lectures records tips remove distractions

If you’re by using a laptop or tablet for your note-taking, be sure to be rid of any possible interruptions before class begins (generally we’d recommend taking records yourself, but some individuals do opt to type).


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